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PML-N backed independent candidate wins Nehal Hasmi’s vacated Senate seat | Pakistan

Dr. Asad Ashraf of PML-N and Dr. Zarqa Taimur of PTI. Photo: Geo News / Facebook

LAHORE: Dr. Adam Ashraf of PML-N, working as an independent, won the by-election for the vacated seat in the Senate, according to unofficial results.

The Assembly of Punjab continued the election for the Senate from the Punjab. Elections are held on the site, released by Nehal Hashmi, who last month was disqualified by the Supreme Court for contempt of court.

Pakistan Muslim NWAZ League (PML-N) Dr. Asad Ashraf, who works as an independent candidate because of the Supreme Court's recent decision to annul all actions taken by the disqualified PML-N president Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan Tedric-e-Insaf (PTI), Dr. Zarka Taymour.

The Party of Pakistani Peoples did not nominate a candidate for the post soviet in the Senate.

During the voting process, the proceedings were suspended after opposition members protested against a public vote by the Treasury.

Before giving his vote, Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif talked to the media and said that PML-N is united under his Quaid, Nawaz Sharif.

"God, we will win the forthcoming general elections," said the newly appointed president of PML-N.

Punjab S.M. Shehbaz Sharif casts her vote – Geo News screen grab

The poll will finish at 16:00.

Speaking about the media before entering the meeting rooms, Dr. Ashraf, a former IPA from Lahore, said that the lion [PML-N’s electoral symbol] will win today, adding that the snatching of their symbol is unfair.

Punjab Minister of Justice Rana Sanaulla, who delivered the first vote, told the media that the PML-N candidates had been members of the party before and will remain after the vote.

"Those who are trying to make PML-N disappear [from the face of the Earth] will disappear," he added.

The Punjab Assembly has about 315 members on treasury stands and about 53 in opposition, which provides a definite victory for an independent candidate in PML-N.

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