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ISLAMABAD: The ruling Pakistan Muslim Nawaz League (PML-N) lost the race to nominate its elected candidates to the upper slots of the Senate, as Sadiq Sanjrani, an opposition candidate from Baluchistan, was appointed chairman of the Senate on Monday.

Sanjrani received 57 votes out of a possible 103 votes and ordered the sworn chairman Sardar Yakub Khan.

Sanjari, independent, was supported by the Pakistan People's Party (PPS), the Pakistani Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and the Muttahid Movement of the Kaumi-Pakistan (MQM-P).

According to reports, Sanjari also received the support of independent senators elected from Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA)

Sanjrani challenged the post against Pakistan. The Muslim League-Navas (PML-N) candidate Raja Zafarul Hak, supported by the National Party (NP), Pashtunkhwa Party Milli Avami (PkMAP), PML National Party and Awami National Party.

Mandivullah was elected the elected deputy

. Salem Manvivalian PPS was elected Vice-Chairman and sworn in as Senate President Sadik Sajran. Mandviwalla challenged against the government-backed Usman Khan Kakar from PkMAP and provided 54 votes.

Senator Manvivalua was elected to the Upper House of Parliament on November 8, 2012 in a common seat from Sindh province on the ticket of the People's Party of Pakistan (PPPP).

He was chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Finance, Revenues, Economics, Statistics and Privatization. Previously, he served as Federal Minister of Finance, Finance Minister for Finance and President of the Investment Council.

Chairman of the PTI Imran Khan wrote on Twitter that the election of Sangraini will strengthen the federation.

PPV Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari called it a victory for Balochistan and federalism.

The leader of the PML-N, Mariam Nawaz, said that the "pawns" today faced defeat and dared

Sangrani was born on April 14, 1978 in Belek in Noke Kundi in the district Chagai.

Senator received his primary education from Noka Kundi, and then visited the University of Baluchistan, where he received his master's degree in arts.

Sanjari's father, Khan Mohammad Asif Sanjrani, is a tribal leader and a member of the Chagai district council.

Senator is the eldest of five brothers.

His brother Ayaz Sanjrani was an adviser to the revenue department in this government during the reign of Sanahallah Zeri as chief minister. He continued to serve in office after the current Chief Minister took office.

Another brother of Senator Muhammad Razik Sanjrani is the managing director of the Saindak Copper Gold project.

In 1998, Sanjari was appointed coordinator of the then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif

Yusaf Raza Gilani, having assumed the post of prime minister in 2008, appointed the senator head of the newly formed chamber of the Prime Minister's complaint to the secretariat Prime Minister. He served as the head of the complaint chamber for five years.

Sanjari challenged and won the Senate elections held earlier this month, March 3, as an independent candidate.

Earlier on Monday 51 newly elected senator took the oath in the upper house of parliament. The presiding officer, Sardar Muhammad Yakub Nasir swore senators. Ishak Dar could not take the oath, as he undergoes treatment in London. Dr. Asad Ashraf swore an oath on the vacant seat of Nehal Hashmi.

The new senators are listed below:

Hafiz Abdul Karim, Ms. Abida Muhammad Azei, Ahmed Khan, Anver Lal Dean, Anwar-ul-Haq-Kakar, Dr. Asif Kirmani, Behara Mind, Dilawar Khan, Faisal Javed, Fida Muhammad, Maulvi Fayz Muhammad, Harun Ahter Khan, Hidayat Ullah, Hilal Ur Rehman, Imam Uddin Shokin, Kamran Mihail, Huda Babar, Kisho Bai, Rana Mehmud Uh Hassan, Rana Makbool Ahmed, Mehar Taj Ruhani, Mirza Muhammad Afridi, Saudri Muhammad Sarwar, Maula Books Chandio, Mohammed Akram, Sayed Muhammad Ali Shah Jamoth, Muhammad Asad Ali Khan Junjo, Mukha Madd Ayub, Muhammad Azam Khan Swati, Faruog Nasim, Syed Muhammad Sabir Shah, Sadiq Sindri, Sardar Muhammad Shafiq Tarien, Tahir Bisengjo, Talha Mehmud, Musadik Masud Malik, Mushahid Hussein Sayed, Mushtak Ahmed, Mustafa Nawaz Khohar, Muzaffar Hussain Shah, Nasib Ullah Basai, Nujat Sadik, Korat-ul-Ain-Mari, Mian Raza Rabbani, Rubina Khalid, Ruxan Zubayri, Saadia Abbasi, Sana Jamali, Shahin Khalid Butt, Shamim Afridi and Dr. Sikandar Mindro.

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