PML-N raising ruckus against judiciary: Aitzaz Ahsan | Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Leader of the People's Party of Pakistan Ayzaz Auchan, speaking his farewell address in the Senate, said on Thursday that the ruling Pakistan Muslim Nawaz league is trying to bring to justice Rus.

"The way they make statements and the kind of insurgency that the bureaucracy in Punjab is doing is an invitation to direct intervention," said Ahsan while criticizing the ruling party.

Paying tribute to the outspoken party leader Farhatulla Babaru, Auchan said he agreed with the statement of the outgoing senator.

Veteran politician and senator Farhatulla Babar in his speech on Tuesday expressed regret at the termination of the supremacy of the parliament, saying that the state in the state came into force and that there is a conflict between them.

If the parliament has not finished de facto, it will lead to a conflict between institutions, he added.

Babar said that other institutions influence the authority of the parliament. He said that the accountability committee tried to hold everyone accountable; but his own party retreated.

Babar was removed as a representative of the co-chairman of the Pakistan People's Party (PPP) Asif Ali Zardari on Wednesday, the day after he criticized his party for apostasy from supremacy support of parliament.

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