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PTI to support Sadiq Sanjrani for Senate chairman after Imran-Bizenjo meeting | Pakistan

Balochistan SM Abdul Quddus Bisengjo (left) with the chief of the PTI Imran Khan (2nd left) today. Photo: Geo News

ISLAMABAD: With the election of the chairman of the Senate and the vice-president is expected tomorrow, several important meetings will be held, while others are planned for today to complete work on candidates for the highest level slots of the upper house of parliament.

At the beginning of today, the newly elected Chief Minister of Balochistan Abdul Quddus Bizhenho held a meeting with the Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Imran Khan, at his residence Bani Gala along with independent senators from the province.

After the meeting, a representative of PTI told the media that the party would support Sadiq Sanjari, an independent Senator from Baluchistan for the Senate chairman.

According to sources, the head of PTI reiterated at the meeting that the chairman of the Senate should be from Baluchistan and vice-chairman from the tribal areas, therefore, the issue of isolating these regions is being considered.

In addition, sources said that Bizhenho assured the Pakistan People's Party (PPS) of supporting the party's candidate for the deputy chairman of the Senate from any region in exchange for supporting Sanjran.

. The Chief Minister of Balochistan also thanked Imran for his support of candidates from abandoned provinces.

Previously, the PTI and PPP gave Bisengo powers to nominate a joint candidate for slots with the participation of newly elected independent senators from Balochistan.

"History will be done"

Speaking to the media in Faisalabad, where he visits the camp camps of the party, Imran said: "God, the story will be done if and when the chairman of the Senate from Baluchistan for the first time in the history of the country. "

The PTI chief said that since then the province was ignored, which led to a sense of deprivation among people who are exploited by nationalists and militants.

"It will strengthen the federation," Imran said, adding that the party, for the sake of the country, also supported the PPP candidate for the position of deputy chairman in accordance with the Bizenjo panel.

Nawaz presides at the party meeting to clarify the names

Similarly, the Pakistan Muslim League-Navas (PML-N) holds today meeting, chaired by the supremo party and former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, to decide on their candidates.

Sources said that if PPP does not propose the name of the last Senate chairman, Rza Rabbani, PML-N will withdraw its own candidate for the presidency and let the Allies have the place of deputy chairman.

The leaders of the higher parties, including Prime Minister Shahid Hagan Abbasi, take part in the meeting.

Earlier, Nawaz suggested that the party support the re-election of Rabbani as chairman of the Senate, but the PPP rejected this step.

After the meeting of PML-N and its allies on Saturday, the leader of the National Party (NP) Hasil Bizenho said that in addition to his party, PML-N received the support of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Fazl (JUI-F), Jamaat- and-Islami (JI) and the Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party (PkMAP).

The leader of the NP added that there were no discussions at the meeting to appoint a chairman from Balochistan. "This is not Baluchistan's issue, but a question for allied parties," he said.

In addition, the PPP is also holding consultations today to complete its candidacies for positions in the Senate.

Sources said that BSP chairman Bilav Bhutto Zardari and co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari consulted party leaders to finalize their candidates.

Senate session on Monday

President Mamnoun Hussein convened a Senate meeting on March 12, in which newly elected senators will be sworn in at 10 am.

Nomination documents for the chairman and deputy chairman of the Senate will then be submitted to the Senate Secretariat at noon.

Documents on candidatures will be considered at 2 pm, after which the same day, the next session will be called at 4:00 pm, when the chairman and deputy chairman.

After the election, the Senate chairman swore, and then swore in his deputy.

After the oath, the session will be postponed until further notice.

Game number

PML-N and the independent parties supported by the party have 33 members in the Senate after the March 3 elections.

If you add party allies – five PkMAP senators, five of NPs, four JUI-Fs and one of PML-Functional – then the number increases to 48.

PML-N and its allies claim that they are ahead in numbers and are confident of the support of the five senators of the Muttahida Kaumi-Pakistan movement (MQM-P), two of the eight from the FATA and one from the Awami National Party and the Baluchistan National Party (Mengal).

If PML-N really gets support from these nine senators, then the party will have a total of 57 members. To win at the posts, 53 votes are required.

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