Rao Anwar arrested on CJP’s directive after surprise court appearance | Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Suspended Malir SSP Rao Anwar, wanted in the murder of Nakibullah Mehsud, was arrested from outside the Supreme Court on Wednesday after he appeared at the top of the court.

Anwar, removed from his post, was wanted in the case of the murder of Mehsud, a 27-year-old native of Waziristan who, among three others, was killed in a fake police meeting in Karachi on January 13, on the orders of Anwar.

Pakistan Justice Judge Sakib Nisar resumed hearing suo motu today, when Anwar appeared in court in the orange Toyota Corolla with a police escort.

Anwar appears in the Supreme Court – Geo News

He was wearing a surgical mask when he landed from the car.

Attorney Anwar was looking for the protective bail of the court, but the chief judge rejected this petition and ordered his arrest.

Chief Justice Nisar expressed his concern over the continued restraint of Anwar in the case, despite repeated appeals and security guarantees on the top court.

During the hearing, the Chief Justice also ordered the creation of a joint investigation team (JIT), led by the additional IG Aftab Patan of Sindh Police and consisting of four senior provincial police officers to investigate the case.

In connection with the composition of JIT, Attorney Anwar expressed his distrust of Sindh police and demanded the inclusion of ISI officials and the Bureau of Intelligence. Chief Justice Nisar declined this request and noted that he knows why a policeman wants to include officials of institutions on the committee.

The court also ordered the freezing of Anwar's bank accounts, which were seized earlier on his instructions.

Following the instructions, Anwar was arrested outside the Islamabad court by the Police and will be remanded to police by Sindh, who will transfer him to Karachi.

The court also took an oath from the Mehsud family that they would not take the law into their own hands and would harm Anvar.

At the last hearing of the case on March 19, the Chief Justice, after a detailed briefing by the relevant officials, warned that anyone who had found assistance in evading Anwar from law enforcement agencies would be treated severely.

. During the previous hearings, the Chief Justice assured Anvar of his defense and asked him to surrender, but the policeman decided to hide.

The court also found in separate hearings the receipt of two letters, reportedly from Anwar, one of whom was looking for an impartial investigation against him and other non-freezing of his bank accounts.

The three-seat bench of the Supreme Court, headed by Chief Justice Nisar, received notice of this in the case after the protests broke out against the "notorious policeman" of Karachi.

Several of Anwar's police officers were arrested in Karachi and are undergoing legal proceedings, but the former Malirsky GPB evaded power.

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