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Suspended by Malir SPS Rao Anwar. KARACHI: Suspended Marir SSP Rao Anwar filed a motion on Thursday to review the Supreme Court decision of March 21 about the appointment of a constitutional investigation team of five members at the Sindh Aftab Pathan inspector .

The application for reconsideration seeks the removal of AIG Aftab Pathan as head of JIT and the inclusion of intelligence officials in accordance with article 19 of the Law on Combating Terrorism, since the suspended police officer claims that the team under AIG Pathan is not taking attention to the documents provided by him in his defense.

Anwar was named the defendant in the case of extrajudicial killings of Nakibullah Mehsud and three others who were killed in a fake police meeting in Karachi on January 13, allegedly on his orders.

The defendant, after running away from the end of January, was arrested on March 21 by order of the Trilateral Chamber of the Supreme Court under the leadership of Chi Justice Judge Sakib Nisar after he finally appeared in court and then was taken to Karachi.

Anwar, wanted in the case of extrajudicial killings, is held at the Malir Kant police station in tough security. The court allowed its 30-day inquiry (until April 21) of the suspect at the request of the investigator.

The CJP resumed hearing the case Naqeebullah suo motu, when Anwar appeared in court in the orange Toyota Corolla with a police escort.

Anwar raised the same objections to JIT's composition during a hearing in the Supreme Court, as he expressed his lack of faith in the Sindh police and called for the inclusion of ISI officials and the intelligence department.

Chief Justice Nisar declined this request and noted that he knew why the policeman wanted to include officials of the institutions in the committee.

Following the directions, Anwar was arrested outside the court (19459010)

The Nakibullah case

Nakibullah, a Waziristan-born terrorist accused, was allegedly killed on the orders of Malir SSP Rao Anwar, in that later was called a fake meeting.

After the innocence was confirmed from the Nakibullah family, an investigation committee was formed, which freed the 27-year-old from any violation. FIR was registered in relation to Anwar and other persons in the case.

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