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Route to peaceful resolution of Pak-India disputes runs through dialogue: COAS | Pakistan

RAWALPINDI: The Chief of Staff of the Ground Forces (COAS), General Kamar Javed Badjwa, announced on Saturday the way of peaceful settlement of the Pak-India disputes, including the key issue

COAS appealed to the passing parade of the 137th course of the PMA Long Course, the 8th course on the mujahideen and the 56th Integrated Course held at Kashmir in the framework of a comprehensive and meaningful dialogue, in accordance with Interindustry public relations (ISPR). Military Academy of Pakistan, Kakul. General Baiva was the main guest on this occasion, where he reviewed the parade and presented awards to the top cadets.

"Although such a dialogue does not help anyone, it remains an unavoidable harbinger of peace throughout the region," he said, adding that Pakistan remains committed to such a dialogue, but only on the basis of sovereign equality, dignity and honor.

The army chief said that Pakistan is a peace-loving country and strives for a harmonious and peaceful coexistence with all countries, especially neighbors. "However, this desire for peace should not in any sense be interpreted as a sign of weakness. Our valiant armed forces are Alhamdullilla, fully prepared to respond to the full range of threats in a worthy manner. "


He also expressed full political and moral support for the basic right to self-determination for the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

"These peaceful innocent citizens are subjected to one of the worst forms of state terrorism. The time has come for the world community to wake up and play its positive role to bring peace to this miserable part.


In his address, the army chief said that the current operation "Rudd ul-Fasad" "It's not just an operation, it's an ideology

" Pakistan completely rejected extremism and terrorism, and we also refuse to understand the issues of sect, ethnicity, caste or religion. The diversity of Pakistan is our strength. not only from our military potential, but also from the synergistic combination of people who came together, willingly to a single goal, "he said.

COAS said that in this regard, the Pakistani army is fully aware of its national responsibilities. "Thus, today's passage is a true reflection of this responsibility when we entrust 67 cadets from Balochistan and 31 from FATA."

He said that the operation is guided by collective determination and conviction that the forces have won until the last terrorist is eliminated from the Pakistani land.

General Baiva said that because of the results of past and current operations, Pakistan liquidated the entire organized presence of terrorists from its territory and is now following the residual and scattered tracks.

] "Hybrid war"

Addressing the participants, COAS said: "Our enemies know that they can not defeat us honest and square and thus subjected us to a cruel, evil and protracted hybrid war . Weaken our resolve, weakened from the inside.

"If it was a nation other than ours, it would have broken up by now. But since we enjoy full confidence and support of our nation, we have defeated every step of these hostile forces and will Insha'Allah continue to do this, "he said.

He said that as chief of the army, he was pleased to see the progress made by the armed forces so far, attributing it to the victims of the Pakistani people as a whole and the Pashtun tribesmen Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the FATA in particular.

Peace in Afghanistan

] General Baiva noted that Pakistan is also committed to peace and intra-Afghan reconciliation efforts in Afghanistan in all bilateral and multilateral forums.

"We sincerely believe that there will be no peace in Pakistan if there is no peace in Afghanistan," he said. "Our world is connected, therefore we must work in unison with our Afghan brothers to achieve this goal" .

In addition, the army chief congratulated the cadets on the journey and said: "You will be entered into the army of Pakistan at a time when Pakistan faces enormous problems both in conventional and non-standard areas.

"Future wars and challenges will put your abilities to test in defending and promoting the fine traditions of this great institution on the hilt. I am fully confident that you will stand the test of time, "he added

Major-General Akhtar Nawaz Satti, commander of the Pakistan Military Academy, a large number of senior employees and retired military personnel, parents and relatives of passing cadets, witnessed the parade.

In the parade, 31 cadets from FATA, 67 cadets from Baluchistan and six cadets of allies from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia were also among the passing cadets.

The Sword of Honor was awarded to academician senior officer Sayed Hasnay ​​Ali from the 137th long course.

The president's gold medal was transferred to senior battalion officer Abdul Wahabu Malik from the 137th long course and gold medal abroad at the Academy under the leadership of Saud from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the 137th Long Course.

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