Salman Khan jailed because he’s a minority: Khawaja Asif | Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif on Thursday slammed the five-year prison sentence given to Bollywood actor Salman Khan as "discriminatory."

"Salman Khan was sentenced because he is a minority," the foreign minister said during a conversation with Hamid Mir, the anchor of the Geo News program Capital Talk .

To sentence him to a case that turned twenty years old says that the life of people who are Muslims, "untouchables" or Christians, is not appreciated in India, he added.

Asif added: "Maybe if he belonged to the religion of the ruling party of India, he would not have been given such a severe sentence, and the court could be lenient towards him."

Earlier today, the Bollywood superstar was sentenced by a court in Jodhpur to a five-year jail for killing an endangered wildlife nearly two decades ago while working on the film Hum Saath Saath Hain .

Salman, one of the most recognizable and acceptable actors in the bank in India, was taken into police custody and imprisoned after sentencing in a chaotic scene outside the court.

But the actor, who denied the poaching of rare black dollars in 1998, can still appeal his conviction.

"The court granted a five-year prison term and fined Salman Khan for 10,000 rupees," the lawyer for the prosecution Mahidal Bisha told reporters outside the court.


Four other Bollywood stars Saif Ali Khan, Sonali Bendre, Taba and Nelam Kothari, who were also accused of joining a hunting trip, but were acquitted for lack of evidence.

According to the AFP, Salman, whose legion of admirers imitate his hairstyle and fashion, accused the Rajasthan Forest Department that he turned it on a suitcase. His advocates suggested that black bucks died of natural causes, such as overeating, and claimed that there was no evidence that they were shot.

The black dollar is a threatened species and protected under the Wildlife Act of India.

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