Sana Safinaz responds to criticism over ‘racist’ lawn campaign | Pakistan

Sana Safinaz's fashionable power station reacted to criticism and accusations of racism and misappropriation of cultural values ​​against the brand after they launched their campaign in the 2018 lawn.

A brand that landed in hot waters after releasing its latest lawn campaign in Kenya also removed any "offensive images" from the pages of its social networks. The campaign showed Pakistani models depicting members of the African Masai tribe.

While some said that the fashion label "used African culture as a subordinate props for filming," others said it was cultural appropriations.

Twitter user, Nida Kirmani, said: "Sana Safinaz learned nothing from her infamous" coolie "advertising campaign several years ago. Now they are using African culture again and using black people as props. Obviously, racism is for sale! "

Another user, Heina Khaled, said she would boycott the brand." Sana Safinaz, using African culture as a subordinate props for filming, that's why I do not buy their lawn this time! for the first time this brand decided to take into account a group of people who are often mentioned [to] as being at a disadvantage, "she wrote.

In the light of this, San Safinaz made a statement that said: "We are proud of the work that we did with Masai, especially women, and support it."

"Two years ago we read an article on the Internet, which talked about ethical tourism. It describes the plight of the African tribes that are exploited. The article went on to say that there are ways to promote responsible tourism, which encourage and support local projects, "the statement said.

The brand further explained how the Maasai culture does not allow widows to marry and travel by tourists Employment gives them the opportunity to earn a living.

"In another article in The Guardian in 2011, the author writes about how the Masai teamed up with some travel companies that ensure that ecotourism provides them with income and protects their land. This is a kind of ethical tourism and businesses that the brand Sana Safinaz with pleasure supports and works, "- defended the brand.

Brand further said: "We are not infallible and we are not strangers to polemics. We appreciate the burden of responsibility imposed on us, and we try and take care of this with care and attention. We want to categorically state that we in no way would offend any "

" We deeply apologize for any crime that we inflicted, despite the fact that it was never our intention, "it says in a statement, adding that the brand removed any "offensive images" from their social networks.

A brand that flashed in 2012 over a coolie campaign at a railway station, also asked anyone who believes that the campaign does not reflect the spirit they described in their statement to address them directly.

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