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Senate chair grills defence minister on troop deployment to Saudi Arabia | Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Senate Chairman Raza Rabbani expressed reservations in connection with the briefings of Defense Minister Khurram Dastgir in the upper house of parliament on Monday regarding the deployment of Pakistani troops in Saudi Arabia.

The Minister of Defense at his briefing shed light on the cooperation between the two countries and the conditions for participation, according to which troops will be sent to the kingdom.

Dastgir said 1,600 Pakistani troops are currently deployed to Saudi Arabia and 10,000 Saudi soldiers are currently being trained in Pakistan.

He added that over a period of several months more than 1,000 troops will be deployed in Saudi Arabia, as a result of which the number of Pakistani troops will be deployed to 2,600

While shedding light on the fraternal relations between two Muslim countries, Dastgir said that the Saudi armed forces even attended the defense parade in Pa in 1949.

The Chairman of the Senate received a briefing from the Minister of Defense with salt, calling it "inadequate."

Raza Rabbani said that the briefing is not enough to satisfy the house and many questions arise.

"Where will the troops be deployed? Will they be in cities or on the borders? "- said the chairman of the Senate.

"What are the terms of the agreement? "- he said further, while at the same time offering the camera to the defense minister on this issue

Dastgir, explaining, said that the Pakistani forces have acquired new skills and will help in training and advising their colleagues from Saudi Arabia.

"Understanding that our troops will be entangled in the Yemeni war, we have clear rules for participation," said the Minister of Defense.

He said that the current and future deployment will be within the framework of the agreement.

The Minister of Defense said that the Pakistani forces acquired new skills for a huge price because of the ongoing war on terror and will help in training the troops of Saudi Arabia against the challenges to the kingdom.

On Friday Rabbani called Def (19459005)

At the previous session Senator of the People's Party of Pakistan Farhatulla Babar told that Inter-Services (ISPR) said that the contingent of troops will be less than the division.

The senator said that this statement was made after the meeting of the head of the army with the Saudi ambassador to Pakistan.

It was previously reported that troops to be deployed, or those that already exist, will not be deployed outside the Kingdom.

Last year the chief general of Pakistan's army, Rahil Sharif (19459006) was appointed as head

. The alliance includes 41 Islamic countries, with the exception of Iran, Iraq and Syria.

In November, the summit held its first meeting between the defense minister and other high-ranking officials from the Islamic Military Counter-Terrorist Coalition, which officially identifies itself as a "Pan-Islamic united front" against violent extremism.

In his address, General Rachel Sharif stressed that the only goal of the IWBTM is the fight against terrorism, and this is not against any country or any sect.

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