Shoe hits Aleem Khan during Imran Khan’s address in Gujrat | Pakistan

GUJRAT: Shoes were won by the Pakistani Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Alein Khan when he was standing next to Party Chairman Imran Khan on Tuesday night.

The incident occurred during a public gathering of PTI workers in Gujrat, where Imran undermines the support of the party's ongoing campaign.

Imran turned to a public meeting and was on top of the vehicle with other PTI leaders and staff when shoes hit Alem.

The chief of the PTI just turned to face another direction when the shoe came, striking Alem directly on the trunk. The employee immediately approached the leader of the PTI to cover it.

A few minutes after the incident, Imran finished his speech and left the temporary scene.

Fights broke out on the rally of Gujrat on PTI

On Tuesday, during the rally of the party during the rally of the party, there was a fight.

Some teenagers began to fight for unknown reasons. The shot clearly shows how a group of workers' parties attack another person.

After the fight, others intervened and managed to stop the fight. It is reported that later the person was taken out of the room.

On Sunday, a former seminary student threw shoes at former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif during an event in Lahore.

During a visit to the Seminary of Jamia Naemia in Garhi-Shah, when Nawaz reached the rostrum to address the event, a member of the audience threw a shoe that struck the former premier on his chest, after which he climbed the stage and shouted the slogan , standing in front of Nawaz.

. After the incident, the attacker was detained by the administration of the seminary, and then transferred to the police.

On Saturday, a man threw ink from Foreign Minister Khavadzhi Asif when he appealed to the Pakistan Muslim League convention – Nawaz.

The person was taken into custody by the police, however, Asif said that he should be released, saying that he has no enmity.

Last month, a man tossed a shoe at Minister of the Interior, Asan Iqbal, when he approached the working convention in Navola.

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