Shoe thrown at former PM Nawaz Sharif in Lahore | Pakistan

LAHOR: A former seminary student threw a show at former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif during the event on Sunday.

During a visit to the Seminary of Jamia Naemi in Garhi-Shah, when Nawaz reached the rostrum to address the event, a member of the audience threw shoes that had struck the former prime minister on his chest, after which he ascended to the stage and shouted the slogan, standing in front of Nawaz.

After the incident, in which Nawaz remained unscathed, the attacker was detained by the administration of the seminary, and then transferred to the police.

The former prime minister addressed the crowd later. Nawaz remembered the history of the seminary and praised his late leader Mufti Naehm before stopping his speech and leaving.

The suspect is transported by the police after the incident. Photo: Geo News

The police said that the attacker, identified as Tala Munawar, is a former student of the seminary. He was transferred to the hospital service because of injuries from beatings by seminary staff and students after the incident.

In addition, the police said that they arrested two other suspicious persons from the seminary.

Speaking to Geo News, senior journalist Sohail Warreich, who attended the event, said that the attacker chanted slogans in favor of a religious party that last year held a protracted protest against the government in Islamabad for the role of the ruling party in amending the the oath of legitimacy of the prophecy of legislators.

On Saturday, a man threw ink from Foreign Minister Khavadzhi Asif when he appealed to the Pakistan Muslim League convention – Nawaz.

The person was taken into custody by the police, however Asif said that he (19459004)

Last month, a man tossed a boot into Interior Minister Achan Iqbal when he addressed the workers' congress in Navola.

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