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ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court ordered a three-month ban on the television show of Dr. Shahid Masud on Tuesday.

A three-seat bench led by Chief Justice Sakib Nisar listened to the suo motu case of allegedly exposed anchor charges against the "foreign relations" of the prosecutor in the murder of Zainab.

In the course of today's trial, the anchor submitted an unconditional apology to the court, but the court ruled to pronounce the anchor for its controversial comments.

As the hearing began, the Chief Justice discovered that the anchor derided the judge on his show the day after he appeared in court.

"Perhaps we initiate criminal prosecution against him," the Chief Justice noted, adding "how he dares to speak about my lawyer".

Then the chief judge sent an airing of the television program to the court and briefly postponed the hearing until the show was resumed and suspended.

. When the hearing resumed, the Chief Justice observed that the anchor had said that if the charges turned out to be false, then he should be hanged. "Now you decide your own punishment," he added.

The court agreed to a three-month ban on Masoud's program after he sent a written apology on his instructions.

"Maybe you will accept the courts easily, this is not an old judicial system," the chief judge said, adding that the top court is working until 19:00 these days.

On March 1, a joint investigation team (JIT) formed on the orders of the court presented its report to the Supreme Court and rejected all allegations of the anchor in respect of the high-profile case.

Zaynab's murder statement

Zainab was kidnapped on January 4 in Kasur and was found dead five days later from the garbage heap. The posthumous discovery of Zainab was raped. Later, the authorities pursued the suspect, Imran. Since then, he was sentenced to death by the court of first instance.

In a television show on 25 January, Dr. Masoud claimed that the prisoner had connections with an influential figure and was part of an international ring. The Chief Justice drew attention to the claims and asked for a follow-up investigation of JIT.

In its report to the top court, JIT declared groundless all 18 statements made by the anchor.

The JIT report states that no evidence was found of the convict's association with an influential person or that he was patronized by the federal minister.

It also states that no references to the convicted s were found by an international mafia or serving federal minister.

In addition, no evidence has been established that the convict could have been killed at the police station or that violent crime / child pornography is common in Kasur.

In addition, JIT did not find the truth of Dr. Masud's claims that many gangs are involved in violent crimes / child pornography in Pakistan or that Imran was an active member of such bands.

The charge that the bank accounts of convicts were distributed through (19459006)

In addition, claims that Imran sent Zainab's image to international viewers before committing a crime or that the incident was watched live on the Internet, were recognized false, with the observation of JIT members that no evidence that Imran had ever accessed the Dark Internet or the Internet was found.

In addition, no evidence was found that Dr. Massoud gave the name to an influential figure connected with a convicted person in the Supreme Court, and there was no truth found about the claim that a close friend of an influential figure living abroad , reported information on the role of an influential figure in violent crime / child pornography in Pakistan.

The report also shows that the rejection of the numerous bank accounts of the convict has already been issued by the relevant body.

JIT, headed by the Federal Researcher n Director-General of the Agency Bashir Memon, was a member of the Intelligence Directorate of the United Dr Anwar Ali and the Assistant Police Inspector of Islamabad (Operation) Asmatulla Junjo.

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