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Taliban, Haqqanis should be included in Afghan ‘political mainstream’: Aizaz Chaudhry | Pakistan

Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry, Pakistan's ambassador to the United States, called on the international community, including the US, at the Pakistani embassy in Washington, USA to pay attention to the grave of human rights violations in India-occupied Kashmir (IoK) by the Indian security forces and urged them to put pressure on India to stop these atrocities and allow international human rights organizations to access the IOK to assess the alarming situation there on April 6, 2018

WASHINGTON: Tali Network Ana and the Haqqani should be part of Afghan policy, said Pakistani Ambassador to the United States during a call on Friday.

In his address on the Day of Solidarity in Kashmir, celebrated at the Pakistani embassy in the city, Ambassador Aizaz Ahmad Chaudri stressed that the Afghan issue has no military solution.

Chaudhry discussed the growing tensions between India and Pakistan and urged the US, as well as the global brotherhood, to voice its voice against Indian brutality in Kashmir – which has been seriously exacerbated over the past few days.

Pakistan's relations with he said, noting that any fears and suspicions could damage bilateral relations.

Consequently, "fears and fears" in the connection between Washington and Islamabad will be counterproductive for the current antiterrorist operation and will significantly affect the process of Afghan peace and stability.

Chaudhry also stressed that to achieve peace in Afghanistan it is necessary to be guided by his leadership and that the Taliban and Haqqani network should be part of Afghan politics.

Answering a question about the Haqqani network, Chaudhry Sai (19459011)

"The Taliban and Khakkani are Afghans, and they should become part of political domination in Afghanistan."

Thus, (19459012)

"Pakistan firmly supports its obligation not to use its soil against any country and expect others to reciprocate," he said.

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