Terrorism cases lodged for waging political struggle, laments Imran | Pakistan

Imran Khan, who appeared today before the Internal Affairs Directorate. Photo: Geo News

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani President Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan criticized on Tuesday the filing against him of terrorism cases for conducting a "political struggle". He added that the case of terrorism was also registered against a man who recently threw shoes at former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

Speaking to journalists at the anti-terrorism court, where they listened to the Parliament of 2014 and PTV attacks against the chief of the PTI, Imran said: "It is necessary to take measures to make important decisions," adding that the "man" should judging by the decisions he makes. "

Imran also said that he supports the direct broadcast of Nawaz corruption cases. Nawaz Maryam and her father demanded the same thing last week, but any formal request has yet to be made from them in court.

Imran, continuing his conversation with reporters, attacked the Pakistan Muslim Nawaz league, saying that people graze at a party when it is in power, while its members make mistakes when it is not.

"The Sharif family has nothing in its money path, except for a letter in Qatar," he said, responding to the ongoing case of corruption against the family of the former prime minister.

Later, after appealing to the media out of court, Imran repeated his statements inside.

He opposed the use of the submission of terrorist acts against political opponents.

Answering the question, Imran said that both Sharif's brothers are trying to deceive the nation by playing a "good police bad cop", explaining that Nawaz is attacking state institutions, while Shehbaz is trying to fix the fences.

The PTI chief also criticized the use of most of the development tools of the Punjab in Lahore, saying that the sense of deprivation in the southern regions of the province is genuine.

"My client is Khan, and he is not a terrorist"

. As the hearing began today, the adviser of the PTI chief, Babara Avan, said: "My name is Khan, and he is not a terrorist."

The famous phrase of the famous film "Bollywood" was reacted with a laugh from all those present. Moreover, in the course of today's hearing on the attack on the DPM, connected with the holding of the protest in 2014, the court ruled that he will announce his decision to justify Imran on April 25.

Several criminal cases were filed against the leadership of the PTI and its "political ally" Pakistan Awami Tehric for inciting violence against state institutions and symbols during 2014 dharna against the government in Islamabad.

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