Ties with Russia strengthened under current government, says Dastgir | Pakistan

Minister of Defense Hurram Dastgir. Photo: Geo News file

ISLAMABAD: Defense Minister Khurram Dastgir said on Wednesday that relations between Pakistan and Russia have strengthened under the current government.

Speaking about the security policy in the upper house of parliament, Dastgir said that Pakistan and Russia had conducted joint military exercises to strengthen bilateral relations.

He also briefed lawmakers on Pakistan's improved security relations with Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

The Minister of Defense stated that relations with neighboring China of Pakistan are the strongest of them.

Dastagir, in response to the bellicose statements of his counterpart in India, on Tuesday said that Pakistan would pay India for its coinage in case of any accident from the eastern neighbor of the country.

Indian Defense Minister Nirmala Sitaraman accused Pakistan of attacking a military base in India-occupied Kashmir, killing 10 people, including five Indian soldiers.

Any Indian aggression, strategic miscalculation or misadventures, regardless of scale, regime (19459010)

Referring to India's usual practice of accusing Pakistan after every attack by the Kashmiri freedom fighters, Dastagir further said that instead of cranked reactions and accusations of Pakistan, India must respond for its state-sponsored espionage against Pakistan.

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