Ufone SMS Packages Daily Weekly & Monthly 2018

Ufone SMS Packages

Ufone is popular among the best providers of cellular services in Pakistan. This is the PTCL Pakistan brand, which provides high-quality cellular services at the lowest rates. Ufone is very popular with young people due to its charming packages of calls and SMS. SMS-packages at the lowest tariffs in Pakistan. Below is the complete information on the latest packages of Ufone SMS 2018.

Ufone SMS Packages Daily Weekly & Monthly 2018

Ufone SMS Packages Daily

In this package you can get an unlimited amount of SMS within 24 hours in just 3. 3.99 / -. Just send the sub to 605 and subscribe to this amazing latest Ufone SMS package. Ufone Other Network Call Packages 2018

The training camps Rs 3.99 + tax
Communications 1,500
Valid for 24 Hrs
Sub & # 39; Sub & # 39; 605

Ufone Daily On-net SMS Package

If your friends and family members are also on the Ufone network, then here’s the great news, just send the sub to 611 and get 500 free SMS in just 2 seconds. – In 24 hours. This is one of the best latest Ufone SMS Packages 2018 on a daily basis.

Subscription costs Risk 2 + tax
SMS 500
Valid for 24 hours
Send the & # 39; Sub & # 39; on 611

Ufone SMS Packages Weekly

Are you looking for UFone SMS packages for 7 days? Get 1200 SMS in 7 days for only 10 Rs. – Send sub to 608. This offer is for a low price of free SMS from Ufone. One of the best latest Ufone SMS packages. This package is subscribed only by Uth-clients.

The cost of The risk of 10 + tax
Free SMS number 1,200
Action 7 days
SMS “Sub” to 608
* This package is valid only for customers of Uth Package

The latest Ufone 15-day SMS packages

Amazing Ufone SMS package is here. Just send sub to 603 and forget about free SMS for 14 days. Subscription fee is 30 rupees. – We recommend this SMS package for customers who are looking for the latest 15-day SMS packages.

Subscription costs RTS 30 + tax
Free SMS number 10000
Action 14 days
SMS “Pod” to 603

Ufone Monthly SMS Packages

Get an unlimited number of SMS-messages for only 80 rupees for 30 days. Send sub-607 and be a part of the free SMS-campaign Ufone. This is one of the best recent packages of Ufone SMS 2018. Ufone Other Network Call Packages 2018

The price is Rs 80 + tax
Free SMS number 20000
Action 30 days
SMS “Pod” to 607

Ufone 45-day SMS-bucket / packages

This is a unique SMS offer from Ufone for a 45-day subscription. Go and get this SMS package to release your message from the tension in Just rupees 99. Without a doubt, this is a very low price. The last packet is Ufone SMS.

Expenses Rs.99 + tax
The number of the SMS 30000
Action 45 days
SMS “Pod” to 614

Ufone Yearly SMS Packages

Ufone is only a provider of cellular services in Pakistan, which gives SMS for free throughout the year for only 66 666 rubles. Subscribe to this package and free yourself from the stress of subscribing to the latest Ufone SMS 2018.

Price Risk 666 + tax
SMS is offered Unlimited
Valid for One year
SMS “Sub” to 601
* Application of the policy of using 100 000 SMS is applied

Ufone Night SMS Packages

Ufone offers another best SMS package for users who require some free SMS only at night. Get 300 SMS for Rs 1 / – for 8 hours. Just send the sub to 609 with your active Ufone SIM. SMS-package is designed for young people to communicate with their friends and family.

Subscription costs Rs 1 + tax
SMS 300
It is valid 8 hours (12:00 to 8:00)
Sub & # 39; Sub & # 39; 609

Ufone Uth SMS FnF Packages

For subscribers Uth Ufone offers its stunning SMS package only in rupees 5.

Subscription costs RTS 5 + tax
The number of the SMS is limited to
Valid for 30 days
Send the & # 39; Sub & # 39; on 604

How to unsubscribe from any package

Just write the message “Unsub ” and send to 506.

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