University of South Asia Fee Structure 2018

The University of South Asia is a chartered university located in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. It was founded in 1987. The University of South Asia is associated with PECs, CPBs and PKP. His main goal is the dissemination of computer education among students, but he also offers engineering and other courses. Well today we will talk about its reward structure, so let’s look below and read its collection structure and reception policy.

2nd Year Computer Science Notes

Here are the criteria for admission to this university, so carefully read these lines and follow it. Another thing is that this information is collected from the official site, so it is absolutely correct, which means that there is no doubt about it. Look at this.

University of South Asia Fee Structure 2018

Note: –

  • The fee for the first semester will be paid at the time of admission
  • If you miss the first fee for a semester, you can never get the same year in the same department
  • After the fine comes, the penalty will be levied for late payments (for subsequent semesters)
  • The commission for subsequent semesters is paid on the first Saturday of December and May
  • A separate fee for the course is charged for the summer semester, which is paid at the time of registration
  • Commission fees are distributed to students in classes, and also available in accounting. They can also be printed on the Student’s portal when the fee is paid
  • The responsibility before the student is to present the fees to the last date
  • Students will not be allowed to sit on the exam if their contributions are not clear
  • Students who fail to withdraw the fee within two weeks before the expiry of the period will be denied entry to the campus

Before entering any university, be sure that this institution offers the course in which you want to get recognition, or not? That’s why I seem to be obligatory to share this name with university departments. The name of this institute.

Sections or Department Names

  • Department of Architecture
  • Department of Biotechnology and Agrochemistry
  • Department of Construction and Architecture
  • Department of Civil Engineering
  • Department of Computer Science
  • Department of Electrical Engineering
  • Department of Technology
  • Department of fashion design
  • Department of Medical Sciences
  • Law School
  • Faculty of Science Management
  • Studies in the Mass Media
  • Department of the Counseling and Placement Center


This university was established as National Colleges of Informatics (NCCS) which provide the Computer Science Program under the leadership of the Educational Society of the Sadik Memorial. It is the oldest university in Pakistan, which provides all kinds of services to all its students.

He was promoted to the Institute of South Asia in April 2003 and was granted university status on May 29, 2004. This university is known in the oldest universities and the best universities in Pakistan.

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