War can only be fought by state, not individuals: Ahsan Iqbal | Pakistan

PESHAWAR: The war can only be waged by the state, not by an individual, Interior Minister Auchan Iqbal said Thursday.

Referring to the 25th passing, the Minister of the Interior told about the war on terrorism with which Pakistan fights, saying that the world is largely restored to the country and that the ongoing operation is the final nail in the coffin.

Iqbal praised the spirit of 600 people who finished the 25th ceremony of the frontier corps, saying that they are connected with the best profession of this time.

The work of border guard personnel is not an easy task, he said, adding that staying wakeful and alert for the country is better than any wealth of the world.

The Minister of Internal Affairs also paid tribute to the martyrs, saying that the people are proud of them.

As for development in the country, the Minister of Internal Affairs said that it is necessary to withdraw Pakistan from the darkness and put an end to poverty. In order to achieve this, he added, the Sino-Pakistani economic corridor was an important milestone.

With the current pace of work, the Minister of Internal Affairs added that we can say that by 2025 Pakistan will be among the top 25 countries in the world.

Iqbal also talked about International Women's Day, saying that women of Pakistan are involved in all areas.

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